Anyone around Austin?

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Re: Anyone around Austin?

Post by DecalService » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:35 am

Yeah, I'm with you. The previous owner stated that buyer opted for the bi-plane. That's something I would have done as well, that bi-plane was such a striking and bold design for that time. my '89 is jealous of my '86 for sure. I personally think that Rapido fumbled on that front. It could be a point of contention though. I do know that the original registration on the car was "RAPIDO", so I decided to take their word for it as they supplied the documentation. Truth of the matter is, I can't 100% prove it one way or another, but maybe I can contact Rapido (unsure if they'll have records) or pick Brad Anesi's brain a little more. He awarded this car with the celebrity's pick award at Carlisle and notated that it was the Rapido variant on the award.

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Re: Anyone around Austin?

Post by merkurdriver » Sat Nov 09, 2019 2:24 am

Registration for a personalized license plate that read "RAPIDO" ?
Or something specific besides a personalized plate?
Both of the '87 Rapido XR's I had said nothing additional on the title / original registration. Just "Merkur XR4Ti"

How about the little plaque in the center of the window switches?


Sorry for the interrogation, just curious. :D

I remember when your car surfaced in the New England area at an auction or estate sale. Time capsule beauty for sure. :cheers

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