Wanted, best in PNW..Seat bottoms

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Wanted, best in PNW..Seat bottoms

Post by John V » Wed May 20, 2020 1:28 pm

Hi there boys and girls, I have a solid rust free car and its gleamingly clean in the interior now, mostly, but it suddenly occured to me that the rear seats are still the old early pigskin leather and so to match the front seats I looked in my vast array of spares and found some lovely clotch seat backs..
But to my horror, somehow, I had no matching cloth rear seat bottoms...How can that be???

Anybody have some decent seat bottoms in grey cloth for normal XR prices??

..in other words for $14.85 SHIPPED!!!!
Or there abouts

What about cloth bolsters???

Please let me know....car is going to be up for sale rather soon and it might be nice if the seats kinda matched...
There's a phone number below for those that still know how to use those or email is janvanvurpa at the Gmail place.
John Vanlandingham
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