First XR4TI ( maybe )

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First XR4TI ( maybe )


Hi everyone, first post here

about 6 months ago I found a Merkur XR4TI 1988 for sale. Immediatly I had crush on that car. I didn't know anything about this model so I made a lot of research and I got into it, althought it wasn't a good time for me to get it so I let it pass. Fast foward to now, I checked up online if it was still for sale and it is. So I send an email to the guy with question's and asking for more pictures since he is somewhat of a long drive from where I am. Info from vendor : all body parts are Cosworth replicas , some rust has started to form in the rear wheel arch , has worked on it ( you can see from the pictures ) , the headgasket of the engine blew ( say's there's only minor wear but nothing major ). The car is listed at 2 000$ cdn ( I do plan on negociating ).

Here is a Google Drive link so you can see the picture's : ... sp=sharing

I would like to know what you guy's think of it ( opinion's, comments, concern's, price, etc ).

My plan would be to make rally spec and I plan on working on it mostly by myself. I have made some research and I coulnd't ANY other Merkur whatsoever in my region ( Quebec, Canada ) so I kinda feel like it's a one-time opportunity.
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Re: First XR4TI ( maybe )

Post by andyofcolumbusmerkur »

I say go for it if you can do most of the work yourself. Possibly get a quote on a new front bumper (replica price+shipping) and see if he can deduct that from the purchase price. :cheers
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Re: First XR4TI ( maybe )

Post by my8950 »

The car will need a lot of work, A LOT...But, it can be done. If the engine has bad head gasket, and been sitting, you'll be pulling it down and starting from scratch, or getting another and rebuilding. Looks decent, but I'd definitely try to get it for lower, if it's been advertised and not sold, with those parts on it, he should be willing to take less. The parts alone he could recover $2k, but it would also take work.
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Re: First XR4TI ( maybe )

Post by eaton53 »

Pretty neat... gonna be a lot of work.
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