Thanks to the MCA Board of Directors - GREAT SHOW!

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 3-5, 2005.
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Rob MacDonald
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Thanks to the MCA Board of Directors - GREAT SHOW!

Post by Rob MacDonald »


You Guys Did an Awesome Job!........

We've certainly made our Mark at Carlisle.......
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Post by DPDISXR4Ti »

Thanks Rob. As I've said elsewhere, thanks for not making me look silly with my bold prediction of 200+ cars. I think the fact that Bill Miller changed his plans at a moment's notice to come visit with us at the banquet spoke volumes. The only thing we're both asking each other for next year is, "What the hell do we do for an encore???" :? :lol:
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John Brennan
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Post by John Brennan »

Same thing we did this year, only more and better!

I think that the 236 cars had something to do with the 20th anniversary, but I also think it is just a reflection of the growth of the Merkur Community, anniversary or not. We just keep getting bigger and better, as more enthusiasts discover these wonderful cars! 8)
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Post by jkxr4ti »

I have a suggestion to try and increase our turn out for next year.

Try to sucker, i mean persuade, a friend to drive one of your other merkurs.
Don't try and tell me you just have one!

Next year, if all goes well i'll be bringing both of my 88's.
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Post by MerkurRS »

Yes, 236 is a pretty impressive number...and a great sight!
I think it was a year ago or two, we wondered what was going to happen to the Merkur community? The membership number wad dropping, the amount of cars at Carlisle dropping, it was sort of depressing. This year (albiet 20 yr milestone) proved wrong. The marque is strong, membership is the highest and a new breed of enthusiast is emerging. It was amazing to see all the work that went into the cars.
Yes, Rob- to keep on topic, thanks for the kind words. It is appreciated!
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