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Re: OMG!

Post by zxr250cc »

Hi all,

I was in traffic with one of those just last week. It still had the dealer sticker in the side window. Not.

Anything Renault here is so unusual to see. I rented a Renault in UK for a week on vacation about 2004 and liked it very much. I drove it from London to Land's End and back. I rented a Renault 5 in the '70's in France to go to Amsterdam and it was sloowww. All the traffic flew past me on the main road North out of Paris since I was going ~80 mph and all the rest were going 90+ easy.

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Re: OMG!

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I had a 2003 Renault Scenic for a couple weeks in the UK and could find no fault with it... except maybe it felt silly big in London. :D
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