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Wild Willie
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I don't know what your protocol is for this site is & do not want to get into any problems with ya'll. Sadly, part of my car was crushed in a storm & insurance won't cover anything.
How do I go about listing it for sale? Do I part it out, sell it whole or?? I have a title for it.
The trunk deck was smashed along with part of drivers door. I am located in Ga. retired/disabled from Military duty & not rich.
I don't know what a fair price would would be but I am flexible. Can you help?
Call anytime @ 2293320911.
Anything you can assist me with is greatly appreciated.
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John Brennan
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Re: Information

Post by John Brennan »

Hello Lee,

I would start with some pictures of what you have, so we have an idea of what we're dealing with. I kind of doubt anyone would want the whole vehicle (but they might), so it seems to me a part-out is in order until someone comes to haul the rest of the shell to the recycler. See this post for how to put up pix here in the Forum: ... 37&t=10212

Sorry to hear about the loss, and welcome to the community. :cheers
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