A word of thanks to our sponsors....

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 1-3, 2007.
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A word of thanks to our sponsors....

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...who provide not only prizes, but also their hard-earned dollars in support of our annual event. Without their support, the weekend would be more expensive and less fun-filled for each of us. Please make sure to thank them when you are giving them some business over the coming months....

http://www.BATInc.net (941) 355-0005
http://www.Meguiars.com (800) 347-5700
http://www.NACSMotorsports.com (604) 871-0577
http://www.OPMD.com (973) 514-1306
http://www.RapidoGroup.com (541) 544-3333

And also our Associate sponsors, who contribute to the seemingly endless stream of prizes given away at the banquet.

Hartwood Automotive
Merkur Parts Midwest
Motion Dynamics
Stinger Performance Parts
Ed's Tubes http://mysite.verizon.net/restnpae/edstubes2/

You can find their contact info linked on our vendor page here:

All of these folks deserve our appreciation, but more importantly, our business. Please keep them in mind.
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I was deeply impressed--nay, nearly blown away--by the number and quality of door prizes!! They just kept coming and coming and....!

I'm humbled by the continuing willingness of every company and individual listed to support this annual event in truly substantive and creative ways.

What wonderful people each and every one is!

We're so blessed. :D

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