FREE Delivery to Carlisle MERKUR DEPOT Parts

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FREE Delivery to Carlisle MERKUR DEPOT Parts

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FREE Delivery to Carlisle MERKUR DEPOT Parts

Planning to arrive in a large truck this year due to multiple requests to bring large parts. Also worth a note is that we are leaving Ohio early Saturday morning instead of Friday, so if any Merkur-mishaps occur on the way to Carlisle please get in contact with us ASAP and we can bring the correct part you need to get your Merkur back on the road.

To keep space fair, paid orders will be loaded first, orders with a non-refundable deposit will be loaded second, and unpaid orders will be loaded last.

Great opportunity to get out of shipping charges on large, bulky items.

Full inventory available, but large/bulky items on hand include (but not limited to):

XR front seats, grey 87-88 cloth, raven black 88-89 leather
XR rear seats, grey 87-88 cloth
XR front seat, drivers side - Recaro style black cloth - really nice seat for a track car requiring only a driver seat.
Scorpio & XR door cards, grey cloth, grey leather, tan leather, raven black
XR rear parcel trays, NEW NOS grey-blue, used raven black
Transmissions, T9's, T5's, A4LD
Stock and aftermarket wheels
XR black dash, reconditioned & dyed - really really nice
XR NEW grey dash overlay skin
BMW M3 Dash ( pics of swap into an XR on the forums)
XR MINT mono-black front bumper
XR short blocks, cylinder heads, etc.
Low miles 4.6L Modular Ford V8 DOHC
XR doors, hoods, hatches, etc.
COSWORTH OEM grilles, headlights, etc.

Ask about anything you're looking for and I'll be adding some Carlisle specials good only for Carlisle pick-up.