Torque Spec for Lugnuts

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Torque Spec for Lugnuts

Post by moetzmoet »

Hi all. I have a shop manual and noticed that I see two different torque specifications listed for the lugnuts and was wondering which one was correct. Please note, I am not looking at the nM and ft/lbs and finding the is in the ft/lbs in each instance. In the section itself, they state 50-70 ft/lbs a couple of times, but at the end of the section, under torque specs, I see 75-100 ft/lbs.
Any help finding the correct specs will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Torque Spec for Lugnuts

Post by hEaT »

I believe 75ft/lbs is what we've universally agreed on for stock lugs on stock wheels.

Stock lugs are 45* conical seat. When using more common 60* conical seat lugs on aftermarket wheels, I use 95-100 ft/lbs, especially with ARP studs.
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