Need some tire thoughts

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Re: Need some tire thoughts

Post by Ed Lijewski »

24" of white fluff ~ Mpls I heard.

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Re: Need some tire thoughts

Post by zxr250cc »

Hi all,

I lived in Minneapolis on South Bryant avenue in the mid '80's for a year and it is not uncommon to have heavy snow there. I went outside after 18" overnight and the company car was a very large lump in the snow. One day later the streets were fine as they had good equipment and were used to cleaning up snow. That same year I went through San Antonio where they had 1" of snow and were shut down at the airport for a couple of days.

It will be good to see if you like the tires.

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Re: Need some tire thoughts

Post by JLoft »

I’ve had the new tires on for over a week and about 100 miles. To recap they are Falken Azenis RT615+ in 205/5-R15 on stock 1987 wheels. Very nice so far. Much better handling than the very old Pirelli 195/60’s. Speedometer reads about 2-3 mph high at 60 as expected. The Falkens are marketed as a semi-track tire, but get very good reviews for street use even in rain. Only a 200 rated life, but the XR is not my year-round daily driver anymore, so the shorter life is ok.

But I’ve now exposed that it’s time to refresh the suspension (I think). I went and dug through my old stash of parts and found this so far (all new parts)…..

2 – Boge 32-495-F front struts
4 – AD-234 (E5RY-18198-A) front strut tower bearing kits
2 – E8RY-5A486-A lower control arm rebuild bushing kits
2 – Neil Swanson inner TCA bushings
2 – E43Z-5493-A front sway bar bushings
2 – E5RY-6038-A motor mounts
1 – E6RY-6068-A transmission mount

So what should be the plan here? Put them all on, I guess? What am I missing? What suspension tricks are needed?

-Jon L
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Re: Need some tire thoughts

Post by andyofcolumbusmerkur »

Check with Merkur Depot. Mike had some new (drop in) replacement lower control arms recently. Then save the old arms and parts for backups.
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