Hoses on either end of Fuel Filter

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Re: Hoses on either end of Fuel Filter

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brokencase wrote: Sat May 18, 2024 3:01 pm I would feel much better in eliminating the plastic line totally
I agree. There's nothing wrong with using high quality, FI spec, rubber hose, clamped to barbed end-fittings. The hose clamps I use as my "go to" clamps are pulled from Subarus used in that capacity. The hose I use was cut off junkyard late 2000's Audis.

BTW, I was surprised just how much clamping force was required on the banjo bolts to get them to seal. And yes, I used new copper crush washers. At first, they leaked and I thought I had spoken too soon about my red-neck clamp job. But they were all fine - the only leak was from the banjo bolts. Snugged those up and all was fine after multiple power-ups of the fuel pump. Gotta love that 2-second priming cycle Ford built into the ignition logic.
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Re: Hoses on either end of Fuel Filter

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