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Steel Bearing Retainer now available for 3.97 WC T5

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2023 12:22 pm
Over the years many of us have used the WC T5 from the '87 - '93 2.3 Mustang or '87/8 Turbo Coupe when doing T-5 swaps on a XR. With appropriate rear-end gearing, it's not a bad solution. One of the challenges of this gearbox has been that it uses a different bearing retainer than the other (3.50, 3.35, 2.95) T5's. The original Aluminum 3.97 bearing retainer easily wears, and it's no longer available any way.

Hanlon Motorsports (HMS) to the rescue! Bob Hanlon now produces and sells a retainer made from billet steel specifically for the 3.97 T5 (part# HMS-1352-027-019R) ... gg1X9dclTU